Rthm – The Body Clock (iOS Version 2.5)

Rthm – The Body Clock app iconSynopsis of the App

Rthm aims to help you discover the best times to eat, exercise and sleep based on your personal body clock and circadian rhythms.

Platform and Price

Apple and Android. Free 7-day trial with a premium version available at $19.99/year.

RDN Score

3 out of 5


  • Excellent design that’s cheerful, easy-to-navigate and engaging.
  • Discover the best times to eat, exercise, sleep, meditate and just be you.
  • Monitor your Body Clock Score against the target easily from the home screen.
  • Rthm offers detailed sleep tracking, personalized workouts and healthy eating information.
  • It’s unique DeepHeart TechnologyTM lets you measure your heart rate daily and before and after meditation to discover trends. The DeepHeart Score helps inform whether you are overactive or stressed and susceptible to common colds or burnout.
  • Rthm crunches the numbers to share your sleep average and deficit and suggest the best times to go to bed and wake up. You can even set a “smart alarm” within the app.
  • Provides daily personal recommendations for the time of day and type of activity, time and calories to eat, and when you might be at your best mentally.
  • Engage in breathing exercises and meditation within the app and measure before-and-after heart rate changes.
  • Review your riHealth report each week for tips to improve the Body Clock Score. The reports provide tips to improve bed and wake times (plus details on why it’s important) or stress levels, for example.
  • Get hints on when you might be your best self. Rthm splits the day into zones for the best times for sleep, sleep inertia, cognitive maxima, athletic maxima, largest meals and smallest meals.
  • Rthm includes motivational quotes and shareable tips on topics like brain food, vitamin D, how to slow cellular aging. It also links out to studies to support the concepts topics with a current study.


  • Sleep habits are recorded based on when you move your phone versus a device on your body.
  • Concepts and statements presented as fact often appear to be based on a single study.
  • The text often confuses affect and effect and includes other spelling errors, which takes away from the app’s credibility.
  • App not synced to trackers like Fitbit to more accurately capture activity and sleep data.

Bottom Line

Ideal for the body-curious, Rthm may help you gain insight into how activities and the highs and lows of the day affect overall health, stress and sleep. Though this is an emerging area, Rthm is a good start in the quantified self space.

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Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LD

Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LD, is a nutrition consultant based in Atlanta and adjunct faculty at Georgia State University. Follow her at MarisaMoore.com, on Twitter or Instagram.