Food & Nutrition’s Stone Soup blog has more than 200 contributors, each with special talents and areas of expertise. To help showcase our dedicated bloggers’ various engagements and activities, we’ve developed the following achievement badges:


Stone Soup Recipe Creator
To earn this badge, bloggers must have at least five recipes published on the Stone Soup blog. Any active Academy member can join the Stone Soup community and submit recipe posts.


HealthStylz Recipe Developer
Active Stone Soup bloggers (three or more posts published in a year) receive a call for pitches and have a chance to submit recipe ideas to the magazine. Individuals whose recipes are chosen for publication in the magazine will earn this badge.


Food & Nutrition Test Kitchen Leader
Any Academy member can sign up to host a Test Kitchen event and share feedback. Those who do will get this badge!


HealthStylz Bylined Author
Stone Soup bloggers are welcome to submit story ideas for magazine content. If the pitch is selected for publishing, the author will receive this badge.


Stone Soup Vlogger
Any active Academy member can join the Stone Soup community and submit a video blog post for consideration. When a vlog post is published online, the author gets this badge.


Kitchen Tool Reviewer
Active Stone Soup bloggers (contributed at least three posts in the past year) can become kitchen tool reviewers. This badge is awarded once the review is published.


Stone Souper Star Award Winner 
Awarded annually based on social media and web analytics, Stone Souper Stars are recognized for accomplishments in HealthStylz, the Stone Soup blog and social media activity.


Badges are strictly intended to recognize our contributors for their great work and engagement within the Stone Soup and Food & Nutrition community. They do not carry monetary value, imply certification or guarantee future assignments.