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A Versatile Waffle Maker That Does More Than Waffles

August 9, 2017 Elizabeth Shaw

On a hunt to create the perfect Pinterest-worthy waffle hash brown, I knew I needed to give the LAGRANGE Tarti’ Gaufres waffle maker a go. Trust me when I say my past attempts could have easily made it on the Pinterest fail list. I kept at it though, determined to find the right appliance that would guide me to success.

Stone Soup

DIY Ranch Dressing Dip

March 2, 2016 Elizabeth Shaw

Why is it that we put off doing the simplest things — like finally writing down this easy recipe? "I'll write it tomorrow," I'd say. Then another day would pass. "OK, tomorrow." And another. "No, really, I'll write

Stone Soup

A Healthier “Death by Chocolate” Cake

November 22, 2015 Elizabeth Shaw

It's called "Death by Chocolate" Cake, but it contains a hearty dose of fiber-filled whole grains and even manages to sneak in an entire serving of vegetables. Oh, and let's not forget the nuts! Using a variety

Rosle Glass Spice Mill
Kitchen Tools

Why You Should Grind Your Own Spices

November 5, 2015 Elizabeth Shaw

Product Reviewed: Rösle Glass Spice Mill Sure, it may seem convenient to buy your spices already ground, but I assure you that’s just because you haven’t found the right tool yet to ground your own. Enter the

September-October 2015

Balsamic-Infused Fennel and Red Onion Pizzas

August 28, 2015 Elizabeth Shaw

Balsamic-Infused Fennel and Red Onion Pizzas This sweet and savory pizza highlights caramelized balsamic fennel. Learn more about fennel’s distinctive flavor Developed by Romina Barritta de Defranchi Ingredients Pizza Dough 1 cup hot water (125°F)

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The Formula for Healthy Snacks

April 20, 2015 Elizabeth Shaw

When planning out your day’s snacks, try to always focus on pairing your food groups. What do I mean? Take a look at this super-simple formula. I promise you it is foolproof and, when practiced with