Uncle Ben's

Honey Rosemary Chicken Kabobs

September 21, 2017 Jen Haugen

A sweet and flavorful chicken recipe that’s great on the grill, this meal is a major crowd-pleaser when served over aromatic jasmine rice!

Uncle Ben's

Asian Ginger Salmon Skewers

September 1, 2017 Jen Haugen

Easy to make, easy to eat! Pineapple and salmon are a perfect pair in this recipe featuring a flavorful sauce with ginger, brown sugar and Dijon mustard served over a medley of whole grains.

Uncle Ben's

Teriyaki Beef Rice Bowl

September 1, 2017 Jen Haugen

Filled with fresh vegetables and lean protein like flank steak, this flavorful rice bowl will satisfy the whole family.

Stone Soup

Raspberry Caramelized Onion Flatbread

June 2, 2016 Jen Haugen

I'm so excited about this savory flatbread with a twist of sweet! Toasty flatbread topped with vibrant frozen raspberries will light up your plate with color. Red raspberries and caramelized onion, a drizzle of balsamic

Stone Soup

4 Tips for First-Time Kitchen Gardeners

May 14, 2015 Jen Haugen

While spring rekindles the urge to shop local farmers markets for the most colorful fresh fruits and vegetables, why not consider planting your very own kitchen garden? A kitchen garden is simply an area where you

Kitchen Tools

The Sack Lunch Gets a Makeover

January 5, 2015 Jen Haugen

Product Reviewed: Eco Vessel Smash Box Double Compartment Lunch Box The Smash Box Double Compartment Lunch Box by Eco Vessel arrived at the beginning of the school year and it couldn’t have arrived at a better