November-December 2015

Caramelized Beet and Sweet Onion Soup

October 30, 2015 Jackie Newgent

Caramelized Beet and Sweet Onion Soup Inspired by French onion soup and borscht, this soup is a gorgeous burgundy color and served with goat cheese toast. Learn more about the culinary and nutritional qualities of

September-October 2015

Farmers Market Savory Oatmeal

August 28, 2015 Jackie Newgent

Farmers Market Savory Oatmeal After an early morning trip to the farmers market, whip up this big bowl of comfort! It highlights vibrant, seasonal vegetables and showcases the savory side of oats. See more “Au

July-August 2015

Chocolate Quinoa Energy Bars

June 29, 2015 Jackie Newgent

Chocolate Quinoa Energy Bars These fudgy bars offer a balanced package of protein, carbohydrates, healthful fats and a bevy of nutrients. They’re a convenient snack for a hiking or biking trip, or for refueling your

Stone Soup

7 Ways to Add Natural Color to Food

November 17, 2014 Jackie Newgent

Before you take a bite or sip of that brightly colored delight, here’s some news to chew.  Some European studies have reported links between artificial colors in food and a range of health issues. The